Alien Tattoo Designs and the Meaning

Alien is an icon who broke back at the beginning of fiction in American society. It can be seen in movies, TV shows, and books form the early of 1930 since the radio program of the War of the Worlds. As tattoos become trends and as artworks in the modern day, the streams of alien are often used as tattoo ideas.

The alien tattoo designs are become more popular as there are more science fiction programs increase rapidly. The character aliens are also available in various type of images. The most popular alien character nowadays is the Gray Alien.

Alien Tattoo Idea on Back

Alien Tattoo Idea

The character of alien is usually has large eyes and head, no mouth, nose and ears. The color of Gray Alien is usually gray or whites. The gray alien is often related to kidnapping. This image is stopped at 1980s since this alien become the standard picture of alien.

Alien Tattoo Idea on Shoulder

While not as flashy or annoying that Giger’s Alien, alien various TV series and other famous films are also popular, especially foreigners, Star Trek and Star Wars. Klingons, Wookies and Daleks adorn the bodies of many fans.

Alien Tattoo Design

Another character that often used as alien tattos is The Biomechanical Nightmares. This type of alien is introduced at the Alien film. This biomechanical alien tattoos are usually using white and black color. Most of them show the alien burst from the cheast of human victim.

Alien Tattoo Designs - Biomech

The following alien tattoo designs and ideas are drawn on foot using black and white color. Each of them may has its own meaning. Click on each image to view the full size.

Predator Alien Tattoo Design on Foot


The tattoos of alien tattoos become more popular day by day. The character of the aliens are growing significantly in many people. Although they have different things between people, the image in the art of the foreign body is definitely remain.

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