Ambigram Tattoo Designs, Meaning and Ideas

The ambigram tattoos is style of tattoo that the words on the tattoos can be read from different direction. It can be read out from a vertical direction, but it can be a different word if we read it from the other direction. The tattoo artists are using optical illusions, symmetry and design when they are creating the tattoos.

Ambigram is available various types of ambigrams which are classified according to it legibility and its orientation. The most popular types used in a tattoo are rotation, figure-ground, and the reflection or mirror pictures. Beside those types, there are also various more styles available, like spinograms and 3-dimensiona which are not very popular.

Ambigram Tattoo Designs

Furthermore, ambigrams also written in un-stylized fonts. Some words like suns and pod are often used as Ambigram Tattoos because these words are mirroring. These words have the same meaning if we read them in a second version. The ambigram often depends on the fonts used. When we capitalize the word like OXIDE, it can be a reflection ambigram. While being a mirror, it has horizontal, symmetry internal.

Mirror-Image Ambigram Tattoo Idea

A mirror Ambigram is a style that reflects on one axis. This type of ambigram is also known as reflective-ambigrams. It makes the half of the tattoo design become the reflection of the other half. It can be reflected on a vertical or horizontal axis. While the rotational ambigrams simple model to understand, even if a few degrees, such as ninety or a hundred and eighty degree. And the figure-ground ambigram is a style that uses another repeated word.

Ambigram Tattoo on Wrist

There are also the other style of unnatural ambigrams which are dependent on the artists imagination and skill. It can be as complex or simple as desired by the artist, but it’s better to make the word readable. Ambigrams attract people because they can express a duality. Using Ambigrams, people can have different words with only using one word as well as a design. Ambigram often uses two words that are contradictory, like an angels and demons.

Angels and Demons Ambigram Tattoo Designs

The ambigram tattoos are the ways to express different aspects of people thought. These aspects must not always contradictory, but it can be the most popular use of ambigram-tattoos. Different words which are opposite each other written in a single design can be more complex than the standard words written together.

Ambigram Tattoo Ideas

A lot of person prefer to ambigrams, since it more simple writing and provides an aesthetic image. Ambigrams can be hard to read than the formal fonts. However, it makes the words that are written in ambigram tattoo more attractive.

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