Anarchy Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Anarchy tattoos is a symbol of freedom from governmental and political intervention. People with this tattoo design want to have their liberty and rights. The popular symbol of Anarchy is an A with a Circle surround. This symbol represent Anarchy for A and Order for the circle which looks like an O. So, in other words this symbol can be translated to Anarchy is Order.

The Anarchy symbol came from Spain at the 19th century and then used in France by the Anarchy movement at 1960. This idea spreads around the globe very quickly after the two movements. It remains become an individual philosophy  because it has the idea of  freedom and liberty which affect to many of people.

Anarchy Tattoo Designs and Meaning

The symbol for anarchy is not only an A. There is also another symbol which represents this idea. The Pirate or Black Flag  also  often used as the symbol of Anarchy in the middle of 19th century. Pirates lives in freedom and liberty. They can can take what they want to have and do what they want to do. Therefore, the Pirate symbol sometimes associated with Anarchy.The general name of the Pirate Flag  design is the Jolly Roger. However, the most common design for pirate flag is a skull, crossbones and a black flag.

Son of Anarchy Pirate Tattoo Designs

Since the white flag is a symbol of surrender, the Anarchy tattoo often use a black flag as a symbol defiance and a refusal to assimilation. That’s why most pirates use a black flag not their country when they sailing.

Anarchy Pirate Flag Tattoo

As the tattoo artworks developed along with the modern age, there are some improvisation to Anarchy tattoo designs. There is an anarchy tattoo with flame or fire surrounded the symbol.

Anarchy Tattoo Design with Flame

There’s also an Anarchy symbol with blue light surrounding the O which makes it looks like a blue suns.

Anarchy Tattoo Blue

And there are also many other designs available know. These designs can be various according to the artists and people ideas. Bellow you can see more Anarchy tattoo designs from some people that might can be your anarchy tattoo ideas.

Black Anarchy Tattoo idea

AAnarchy Tattoo with Surrounding Words

As the time growing, the philosophy of anarchy is not only about getting political chaos, eliminating laws and governmental realization. It is more about freedom and liberty. To express this philosophy, tattoo can be the ideal way for you.

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