Anchor Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Anchor is often used by sailors to keep them sail safely. It holds their ships at a position on the sea and prevents the wind dragging the ship away. Anchor is used to keep sailor men safe along their danger and return safely from their journey. That’s why anchor are used to express stability, protection, and safety.

Using this idea, most sailors are using Anchor tattoo as their tattoo designs. Since Anchor tattoo designs used by sailors who travelling around the globe, these tattoo ideas become popular among people who are not sailors too.

Anchor Tattoo Designs and Meaning

The US Navy army has a tradition that the soldiers receive an Anchor tattoo if they return home after crossed the ocean safely. This tattoo can represented pride and honor and used like a badge as a price to their return in safe.

US Navy Anchor Tattooa>

Anchor in religious terms represent a symbol of a hidden cross. It can be a symbol of the religion faithful and the wearers can be trusted. The anchor was also representing devotion, strength, loyalty, determination, and steadfastness.

Anchor Tattoo Idea

Although anchors are used to express positive meanings, but sometimes it is also used to express negative symbol. It can be a symbol of refusal to adjust, unwillingness, and inability. Some people who stuck in a place or feeling stuck in a situation will use anchor tattoo to express their feeling.

Small Anchor Tattoo

On the other hand, someone get an anchor tattoo to express the stability of their life. It is also used to represent their strong commitment and remain faithful to someone who they love.

Recently, the Retro anchor is becoming so popular. The design uses both Old scholl style anchor and new school style. It often use bright colors. There is nothing symbolized by this tatttoo except an appreciation of the designs.

Retro Anchor Tattoo Designs

Furthermore the use of an anchor tattoo is also used to symbolize peace in turbulent life. It symbolize that they are safe in life.

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