Bird Tattoo Designs and Meaning

There are a variety of bird species in the world and an equally large number of the symbolism associated with each. In general, birds are a symbol of freedom because of their ability to fly, they seem endless. Throughout history man has found the flight of birds, fascinating and enchanting. The birds were often seen as a connection to the sky or in the world after. For most species of birds positive feelings in people to offer. Most of the birds tattoos have a positive meaning, although the exact meaning differs from culture and region.

Small Bird Tattoo Design

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Blackbirds and thrushes are connected with the arrival of spring and renewal of the earth. After a winter cold and hard, these small birds signal the arrival of yet fairer and simpler times. When the flowers bloom and the leaf buds (the birds are often associated with flower tattoo designs and tattoo designs cherry blossom), the two birds are among the first animals to come back. Their bright colors are cheerful dark background, and their presence indicates an end to bad weather in the winter.

Bird Tattoo Design on Wrist

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For this reason, the two birds are a symbol of renewal and rebirth, of hope and optimism. Spring is an exciting time of year, and these birds are a sign of hope and positivity. The crane is a symbol of good luck in China.

Bird Tattoo on Belly

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Pigeons are a symbol of peace. They are meek and humble of nature in their temperament. Although they come in a variety of colors, the traditional white dove. White is the color of purity and health. In Western culture, white is a symbol of innocence and virtue.

Bird Tattoo Idea on Foot

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Owls, who are legendary for their cooperation with the assistants, so smart and intelligent birds. They are serious, intellectual and reserved. And because they are nocturnal, there is something secret and mysterious about them.

Owl Bird Tattoo Design on Back

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Other birds of prey such as hawks and eagles are often associated with countries or political forces. The bald eagle, for example, is the national bird of the United States. Tattoos they contain, be considered a loyal and patriotic eagles in America, the preservation of American values.

Sleeve Bird Tattoo Design

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In North America and much of Western culture, blackbirds, crows, ravens, and have negative connotations. They are sneaky, sneaky cheater, look shrewd and successful acts of manipulation.

Raven is a bad omen and a sign of problems in the Arab world and the United Kingdom. In Egypt, however, represent two crows monogamy, fidelity and loyalty.

Small Birds Tattoo Design on Shoulder

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Similar traditions dictate that a tattoo of a bird, the first crossing of the equator or for a safe return to port to highlight it. Birds have excellent navigation skills and be able to return home, even over long distances. Although they travel and go on long trips, they are seldom lost. In addition, evidence for birds and land near are often the first sign of the sailors, that the port is near.

Bird Tattoo on Shoulder

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However, there is a flying bird with a broken wing, not maimed, despair, lost dreams and despair. Feeling trapped or suffocated, or is recorded in a bound birdcage. In a cage, the bird wings useless. Her ability to fly is slowed. As such, a caged bird artistic creativity or suppression, in addition to physical limitations. A dead bird could symbolize the war or battle. May also be a wounded crane accident, grief, loss and grief.

Small Owl Bird Tattoo

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People who are interested in tattoos of birds should be aware that this is a tremendous amount of symbolism for birds is very different. Not only the type of the meaning, but also the positioning. A bird that was supposed to symbolize freedom and liberation is not locked or still. Birds are free if they are on the track. A bright, tropical bird is a bad decision to sadness or depression picture because they are generally associated with adventure and exotic locations.

Crow Bird with Skull Tattoo

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Current trends include a large number of tattoos tattoo sailor retro-style historical drawings. For this reason, tattoos for many birds, swallows, thrushes, which helps mariners. Eagle tattoos are popular for their patriotic associations and are often tattooed with other symbols of American pride

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