Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo Meaning

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and people between December 22 and 19 persons who were born in Capricorn in January. Capricorn is a cardinal signs and earth signs. Ruled by Saturn governs the character of the bones and skeletal anatomy. Capricorn, the constellation Capricorn, is the constellation of the zodiac second darker, with cancer as the weakest.
Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo Meaning

Although nobody knows exactly why the goat is sometimes depicted with a fish tail, suggesting a story that the god Pan, a humanoid goat, a big monster fought and plunged into a river. The part of him still above the water remained a goat, while the part under water, a fish. Another mythological story says that the goat once nourished and protected by Zeus when he was just a toddler. This story is not mentioned and there is no explanation for the tail of the fish. Anyway, the goat or fish in the seafood since 1000 has shown that British Columbia. It is also known as “goat-fish” in Babylonian star map of the same period.
Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo MeaningCapricorn is generally cool and composed of individual, the inner strength of will and unfailing determination. Capricorns enjoy respect and love for their authority to exercise. Often calm exterior hides the self-doubt and lack of confidence. Capricorn people to stick to the rules and behave accordingly. They expect others to behave the same way.
Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo MeaningAlthough they look outside arrogant, rude and without humor, the Capricorn person is warm, smart, funny and insecure inside. It can be very pessimistic and confuse their pessimism for realism. Capricorns tend to be socially inhibited and selected. Who hold their tongues until they form an opinion, but when they try to believe then they are hardly to have changed their views, regardless of the contradictory statements.
Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo MeaningIn relationships, the individual Capricorn also cautious and careful, as in his business. While it may be too traditional and reserved, he is faithful and protective of his family. It promotes monogamy and commitment and hard work to enjoy a solid foundation for friendship or love to build. The Capricorn individual, but also expects his partner or friend to behave in a similar way.
Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo MeaningHe loves people who only people behave in a socially acceptable and respectable and despised, or fleeting bohemian. Due to the nature reserved and stoic personality Capricorn does not support sticky or needy people, they are friends, siblings or children. His career ambitions, which he works very hard, are equally important, social and personal life.
Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo MeaningIn his best, the goat, obedient, hardworking, successful, peaceful, intelligent, courageous and determined. The individual Capricorn appreciates structure and order, and thrives in this environment. In the worst case, the individual seems cool Capricorn, withdrawn, hostile, inaccessible, work obsessed, overly cautious, slow and uninteresting. Capricorns are generally compatible with other earth signs, including Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and others. They are down to earth and as such would not work well with capricious, whimsical, airy or individuals. You prefer things to be concrete and regulations, instead of open, creative and abstract.
Capricorn Tattoo Designs and Capricorn Tattoo MeaningCapricorn tattoos can change the icon or glyph that represents the combining goat with a fish tail. A tattoo Capricorn would be a picture of a goat or goat-fish hybrid. A person can opt for a tattoo Capricorn, because they believe in the zodiac, and we think his character is an accurate reflection of their own or because they want a memorial to a loved one or to honor a Capricorn.

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