Card Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Card tattoos come in a variety of styles. From traditional to abstract and realistic at the new school and modern, there are variations in the design. Although the traditional platform consists of two colors, red and black tattoo designs often use different colors, either by a symbol or meaning that only the design aesthetics. Similarly, kings, queens and jacks in various styles tattooed.

A standard deck has 52 cards, four colors and two colors. The four suits are spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. In every color there is a king, queen, jack, numbers between 10 and 2, and an ace. Although Ace was a record low, the French Revolution changed all that.

Card Tattoo Design on Sleeve

Meanwhile, playing cards with Ace was greatest, symbolizing the importance and power of the lower class. Since Ace in the rule that all other cards will be surpass. An American card game includes two jokers. These cards do not apply to any action include, but are required for some games. The map to show people are of course known as the face cards.

Playing cards are often used in tattoo designs, or a love for the game to illustrate or represent greater importance. The most tattooed card is the ace of spades. In most games, the combination of spades is higher than other colors, and the ace is the highest of all the cards. Therefore, the Ace of Spades, both the highest and the highest card suit better than all other cards.

It is also known as card dead by some people because they were Vietnam veterans their helmets. Some card for the bodies of those who murdered their departure. People who feel powerful or try to cover all aspects of their lives would dominate the ace of spades tattoo can be drawn. Gamblers understand the importance of this particular card because it is the highest card in almost all poker games. Hold is the ace of spades you the upper hand.

Queen of Heart is a character in Alice in Wonderland. It represents oppression and tyranny. Sometimes a queen of the tattoo symbolizes perseverance, heart problems and disadvantages.

A tattoo is often a joker or wild happiness. In poker, the joker is often used as a placeholder. Players can use this card as a kind of loophole free to change this card to someone they need. This is a popular tattoo for those who want happiness, or want to take risks. With a Joker tattoo, they always come first because they always have what they need.

Good hands and winning hands, such as the Royal Flush, also great tattoo designs. Players and poker enthusiasts often get a tattoo of the winning hands for good luck.

Another common tattoo card is the hand of the dead man. A famous Western gunfighter named Bill Hickok shot while playing poker for the last card processing. His hand is two aces and two eights black, a popular game card or a tattoo. The fifth card is unknown at this specific occasion, shown as a blank card or one hole card.

A popular legend tells that when the game was banned, said their card game players has not been used for the game, but for religious or astronomical. Because of this history, tattoos mapping sometimes portray love to the police or the authorities to outwit. Although the game is no longer a taboo, there is limited history, such as tattoos, which she referred to the bandits and the margins of society is very attractive for many people.

Tattoos often playing cards with different symbols, such as poker chips and dice. These tattoos are also lucky tokens, such as four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, coins or lucky numbers like 7 or 13 It is interesting that tattoos can map both happiness and unhappiness, the intrigues of the game and the dangers of engaging account.

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