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Great Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Today, the koi fish tattoo designs are getting popular for men and even for women around the globe. The origin of this fish is from Japan. In Japan, koi fish tattoo designs are sometimes related to the Japanese mafia organization or well known as the Yakuza. This organization is still known today has more to fear. Continue reading

Fox Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Fox Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Foxes have played many different roles in traditional folklore. They are mainly associated with skill and cunning, wisdom and magic and the female deity (in Japanese culture and Japanese tattoo designs). They’re just beautiful animals to make a good tattoo.

Indian tribes had different views on foxes. In the north, the foxes are generally considered a noble messenger, and looked calm. Plains tribes, however, regarded as a fox cunning villain, sometimes dangerous, always unpredictable. Kitsune Fox demons in Japan were mostly women, as cunning and unpredictable. Continue reading

Fish Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Betta Fishes Tattoo Design

Fish tattoo designs and their meanings can not be ignored in the world of tattoo. There are monuments and memorials of the fishery, thousands and thousands of years, it is a very old symbol and history. The fish was very important in the diet of the island and coastal communities, fish were often essential for their survival.

To an abundant supply and an abundance of food protection, different cultures have began the worship or praise fish or gods they believed that if the fish. Gods and goddesses associated with oceans and water bodies are often said to be in control of fish and animals of the sea also. Continue reading

Elephant Tattoo Designs and Elephant Tattoo Meaning

Elephant Ball Tattoo Designs and Elephant Ball Tattoo Meaning

Elephants are one of the most fascinating species on the planet. Like humans, they are intelligent, long life, social and extremely flexible. They thrive in climates as diverse as the savannah and the jungle. And they have a long history of interaction with humanity, of our first day in Africa to the battles of Alexander the Great to the Indian countryside.

Anything as big, powerful and intelligent as an elephant is tied to a large part of symbolic value to accumulate, especially considering the use of elephants as the original tank. The most obvious symbolic significance of the elephant is power. Continue reading