Dog Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Dogs are the best friend of man as a number of known reasons, but one of the most convincing is the length of time we have coexisted with them. Dogs were first domesticated species, descended from wolves, the first human tribes have learned to live together for a long time before the beginning of human civilization.

As a result, dogs and man is sufficient for these two types together form a symbiotic relationship continues solid form. Everything has a long history with the people, extends to all known culture and society, committed to a popular subject for art, physical or otherwise.

Dog Tattoo Design - Labrador Retriever

Most features of dogs, loyalty, courage and friendship, and tattoos to see with dogs often symbolic representations of these qualities. Who will vote for a dog often tattoo as a symbol of these qualities by the dog pictures or groups of dogs.

Dog Claws Tattoo

Dogs are very social species to form packets with well-defined hierarchy of authority. Packs are ruled by an alpha male and alpha female, and every dog ​​is a relation of domination or subjugation his dog in the pack. This many dogs Tattoos expression of authority in a manner which alpha status in the world.

Crowned Dog Tattoo Idea

Another popular theme for tattoos of dogs are monuments. People form lasting relationships with dogs, friendships that can last for decades. Unfortunately, dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans. Memorial tattoos for dogs, as often is the portrait tattoo designs are similar to body art monuments of the family or friends who have passed. Tattoos of deceased pets as sanctuaries for the animal in question and recalled their former owner of fun together.

Small Dog Tattoo

Although the use of the image of the dog to its qualities or perpetuation of dead animals are common, there are many other symbolic values ​​in dogs. Dogs have a long and continuing role in the various esoteric traditions symbolizes many mystical properties many of which are collected in a tattoo design. The Guardian: Many of them are related to the first dog role in human society.
Dog Tattoo - Bulldog

Dogs have been domesticated as a living alarm systems, guard the camp at night, in exchange for food scraps. The role of dogs as guardians developed in the symbolic representation of dogs as guardians of the people, both physically and mentally. In many ancient mystical tradition, dogs are on the threshold between this world and the next, protection against burglary.

Dog Tattoo Design - Pitbull

Over time, symbolizes this symbolic role as protectors, as amended “as a companion dog,” the best in the Tarot card The Fool known. The fool is a man, his head on the feet in danger, hunting with a dog behind him and tried to warn him of the accident on the line. shamantic In different traditions, guide and companion dogs are wise men, providing consular and knowledge.

Hound Dogs Tattoo Idea

In Asia, especially in areas where Chinese influence has spread, animals such as dogs are very happy, almost a clover with four legs, and Asian-inspired tattoos are often with dogs as a door good luck.

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