Dove Tattoo Designs and Meaning

The name “dove” is used to describe large variety of birds – more than 200 species, many of whom do not really look alike. But in art, birds are mostly white and empty, a symbol of peace and love. This results in a long series of stories (mostly religious) with pigeons as messengers or symbols, heralds of hope.

Dove tattoo designs are the most popular models of bird tattoo and by far, but the history of mankind, the relationship with the pigeons is worth a thorough look, even independently of their effects on the world of tattoo. The pigeons are the most common and are a religious symbol in religious tattoo designs, but they are also a symbol of war and peace both used military and protest groups.

Dove Tattoo Designs and Its Meaning

Pigeons as messengers in various wars, mainly used by the Allies in World War I and World War II, during the 32 pigeons were awarded the Dickins Medal for service.

Dove Tattoo on Chest

Doves were said to mate for life, so they sometimes used as a symbol of love. This is natural, given their overwhelming prominence as a symbol of peace – after all, the dove symbolizes a set of ideas, full of hope. Details can be adjusted in the design or by the person making the tattoo.

Dove Tattoo Idea on Wrist

Pigeons are often depicted with an olive branch, and independently as a recognized symbol of peace. The New Testament refers to the image of a dove, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus at his baptism. The olive branch is the symbol of peace from the existing pagan sources. Together, the two appeared in the art of the early Christians as a symbol of peace of mind and, ultimately, peace among the civilian population. Sometimes, as in this design, the pigeon is a branch of flowers or other anonymous instead of the olive branch.

Dove Tattoo on Weist

This is one of the most common models, originally as a lithographs by Pablo Picasso made. Picasso’s dove of peace is one of the most recognizable symbols of peace in world history. While most white doves in the art, a fine white color is used for tattoo artists to be good to work with, as is often the tattoo of a dove and an overview of the natural color of your skin. The shape is immediately obvious that it works, and Picasso’s peace dove contains bright colors and simple.

Dove Tattoo on Back

This design is very unusual and remarkable hand in two parts. It seems that the hands cradling a dove, perhaps injured or dead, a sad, yet sweet style that differs greatly from each other. Dove tattoos work well on almost any body part, especially because the designer can be a single bird, a flock of birds or flowers to choose and flanked by select lines, etc.

Dove Tattoo

A popular way to get more space without increasing the size of the bird to surround a number of attractive lines and spirals, appear as the dove, if they were on the flight. The shape of the pigeon and the face may also be the result of more realistic, more stylized and varied, and that the. Some models are similar in color swallow tight. Every good artist in order to improve the situation, a pigeon, which is obvious to your taste.

Dove Tattoo Design

Pigeons are just full of meaning is illustrated by the fact that probably for this article, you immediately thought of peace, hope and love, even before you had to really aware of it. This is the effect of this symbol in society, the transfer of a wide range of powerful positive feelings, despite the very simple form.

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