Feather Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Feather tattoo has a number of other religious meanings in the possession of different types and tradition, as discussed later. While seemingly simple, deep layers of meaning as an artistic image. Generally, they represent a connection to our human life and existence of the heavenly gods and goddesses. She also stood for peace and immortality. Inhabited by the gods – Birds (see tattoo designs of birds) are often seen as the intermediary between the worlds of country and the world above the sky.

Feather Tattoo Design Body

Among them, on their looks and not on the cultural significance, suggesting lightness and flight feathers. You should also appeal to a sense of gentleness and kindness. The feathers are used as a stand-alone or integrated into a tattoo design with many elements.

Peacock feathers are among the most striking visible feathers, are also among the most remarkable in terms of cultural significance. In Hinduism, peacocks are a symbol of the God of Saraswati, compassion, knowledge and patience. Kwan-Yin, another God in the religious traditions of Asia, is associated with peacocks and offers the same things.

For the Greeks and Romans, peacocks are associated with Hera. It was said that Hera, the “eye” on peacock feathers in the memory of Argus, who 100 years old and has served as a guardian of Zeus’ lovers.

Henna Feather Tattoo Shoulder

Peacock was also a symbol of eternal life in the early Christian church. The dozens of eyes on peacock feathers were compared with the seeing eye of the church, and the bird itself was assumed that, like the phoenix from many of his ability to recreate itself.

The springs are reminiscent of the birds as they come. Anyone with a connection to a particular bird or enjoy the qualities of this bird can choose to receive a spring. A black swan in the spring, for example, evokes the idea of ​​this enigmatic stranger World Swan – dark, beautiful, apart from the herd.

For Indians, the feathers were a status symbol. Rich headdresses were worn by those at the top of the trunk – especially the boss. Feathers were a reflection of the cosmic knowledge and wisdom.

The white feathers are a symbol of complicated and contradictory. In the countries under British rule has always been a symbol of the white feather of cowardice, which sometimes able-bodied men, who will not be included as the army. Alternative meanings are not lacking, however, is encapsulated by the rest of the symbol groups, and safety can be used in the accuracy of the United States military superior to represent. Wearing a helmet with white feathers for making fun of the enemy, as is clearly an easier target for snipers.

Springs act as a kind of double symbol, the importance of the source itself, and the bird, the corresponding meaning. This is a powerful and instantly recognizable. We know without you there is a difference between a vulture and a few feathers of a dove in connection with the ideas they stand, right? And that spring tattoo designs with a certain amount of weight, the weight can not be expected, given their relatively simple.

Birds have always humanity with their freedom, their lightness and their ability to captivate closer to heaven than we are able to float easily accessible. It is not surprising that feathers are a symbol, leaving the birds collected appreciated, and left by the will of the presented artistic gifts.

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