Fish Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Fish tattoo designs and their meanings can not be ignored in the world of tattoo. There are monuments and memorials of the fishery, thousands and thousands of years, it is a very old symbol and history. The fish was very important in the diet of the island and coastal communities, fish were often essential for their survival.

To an abundant supply and an abundance of food protection, different cultures have began the worship or praise fish or gods they believed that if the fish. Gods and goddesses associated with oceans and water bodies are often said to be in control of fish and animals of the sea also.

Betta Fishes Tattoo Designs

Even in modern religions, the fish is very important. In the Western world, fish are often associated with Christianity, while in the Eastern world, they are very important in the Japanese tradition and folklore.

Crowntail Betta Fish Tattoo Design

The fish may represent loyalty, wisdom, strength, creativity, women, happiness, change, fertility, abundance, wealth, success, knowledge, inspiration, prophecy, revenge, luck, happiness, longevity, loyalty and courage. Negative, the fish can also greed, and threatened symbolize.

Fish Tattoo Design

The different meanings of a fish tattoo, both the nature of the fishes and cultural history, which it is derived observed. For example, the Christian tradition means that the fish represents abundance and faithfulness or loyalty. Christ fed thousands with just a small fish in a biblical story. Historically, some fish Ichthys symbol as we know, is a simple design, the combination of two curved lines.

Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo Design

This symbol is used for other Christians at a time when Christianity is suppressed to be identified. Today is the symbol of a religious tattoo design popular and is often considered a symbol of passion, singing, or renewal believers. As a religious tattoo design, fish Ichthys contains some other passages, like a verse, the word “Jesus” or a cross. Ichthys fish, also known as the Jesus fish, may be in any style, color, size or tattooed. As a symbol, but also translates into the middle of tattooing.

Colored Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Are becoming increasingly popular, tattoos Ichthys parody increasingly common. These tattoos play in the design of the famous fish, a new icon or criticism to the feeling of the original. Two of the most common variants of the Darwin and evolution of fish and Jewish. The Darwin fish is a fish symbol with the addition of the legs. Sometimes this fish design with the name “Darwin” instead of “Jesus.” Although some evolutionists and Darwinists critics, the symbol of the misrepresentation of their faith, others embrace it, not as a representation of themselves and their own faith, but as a critique of Christianity and creationism. As a tattoo design, this style is in many ways, Jesus fulfilled the original fish.

Barracuda Fish Tattoo Design

Jewish fish is comparable, is replaced, the Ichthys fish symbol with the world of fish “gefilte” Gefilte is a puree of ground, which is very popular among Jews, particularly Ashkenazi Jews, “Jesus Christ”. This fish dish has come to represent the Jewish religion and ethnicity, and many Jews are the symbol in the same way as Christians to embrace their design.

Fish Tattoo Design

In a more realistic, there are tattoos for all kinds of fish or marine life, sponges and anemones, sharks, whales and guppies. Some of the most popular tattoo designs fish are gold fish, stingrays, moray eels, octopus, clown fish, rainbow fish (from a picture book beloved children based), trout, salmon, marlin and swordfish. These fish tattoos often a personal meaning as a general symbol for those who choose it as the love for fishing or the fascination of the small.

Betta Fish Tattoo Design

Perhaps the most common fish design tattoos, however, the koi, carp, or as we call them in English. Koi tattoo designs are very important in Japanese culture, such as cherry blossoms or dragon tattoo designs. There are many folk tales in the culture of Japan and China, the story of the koi to tell, but the message is constant, they represent courage, strength, courage and perseverance. In most stories, the koi fish overcame great obstacles and achieve the impossible.

Tribal Fish Tattoo Designs

Today, the design of koi fish tattoo is incredibly popular with men and women in the Western Hemisphere and East. In Japan, koi tattoos, sometimes with the Japanese mafia organization such as the Yakuza, which is still known today has more to fear. Because of this Koi fish can actually connect more often in the West. Some people believe that the direction of a Koi tattoo is characteristic of human sexuality, but sources differ in what direction maintains the interest and the belief is not widespread. It is something to consider, but as a koi tattoo.

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