Geisha Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Geisha tattoos are very feminine and be considered beautiful and erotic women and men. This graceful and beautiful tattoos in general for the wishes and dreams of a person to escape the pitfalls of everyday life. Based on the design of a porcelain doll, geisha tattoo is a representation of a fantasy world that anyone with the carrier and transported to another place or time can be seen.

Half Sleeve Geisha Tattoo Design

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A geisha tattoo is usually reflected in a style portrait of woman with white hair and pinned face painted with lively puppet like features. The bright colors are vibrant with color-rich application. Sometimes also improve other images of the geisha significant results are displayed. Traditionally, tattoo designs of Japanese geishas, ​​cherries, peaches, fans and fitted dresses to complete the displayed image.

Geisha Tattoo Design on The Back

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Geisha is represented in the fantasy style tattoos pinup model, with a more stylized and visually original. A tattoo geisha is a graceful and elegant choice for everyone. Located in superstition and ancient teachings for thousands of years and is surrounded by the grace and uninhibited beauty, this tattoo is always breathtaking.

Geisha Tattoo Design on the Leg

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In modern Japan, geishas into symbols of traditional values ​​has changed. In the Western world, the geisha is a brand of exotic beauty and charm, typical of the developed West. The Japanese word “Geisha” translates to “art person” and an authentic geisha is a literal model of the art in human form.

Geisha Tattoo on the Leg

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For the people of the Western world, a geisha is a mysterious, fascinating figure. A pale skin white mask sent all the emotion, always lipstick, the style is a black wig and perfectly decorated with bells and other ornaments. Her supple body is wrapped tightly in a kimono lined with red silk, rich color and beautiful design complex.

The narrow waist with a silk scarf wrapped wide, called an obi. She wears sandals on her feet, clad in white socks, smooth and fine action. In her hand she holds a fan to her face to hide her gently back and forth.

Full Body Geisha Tattoo Idea

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These tattoos are the celebration of the trained professional woman whose traditional occupation is to entertain people. With music, song, and the opportunity to discuss current events, they create an atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment, the fundamental skills of the geisha. While in Japan, the geisha will not maintain as one of the most remarkable tattoos with meaning, but rather as a tourist attraction that people in Western countries. Tattoos with meaning, are often not as powerful as these graceful, separate art form. This is the presentation of the organization of the mystery, power and magnetic attraction.

Full Color Geisha Tattoo on The Leg

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As a powerful myth of geisha life is seen in the mist shrouded the hidden culture. The geisha is remarkable for its beauty, but somehow exudes separation unreachable, too far beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. Although in the here and now, by unknown means, she has more questions than definitive reality. It is a mythical dream, a figment of his imagination, the fulfillment of their deepest desires and greatest ambition.

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