Gemini Tattoo Designs with the Meaning

Gemini are between May 21 and 20 born in June, after the tropical zodiac. Gemini is represented by a symbol, is one of the three elements of air (with Libra and Aquarius), males, and ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini is a mutable, evolving and adapting, and therefore one of the twins characters personalities capable of changing situations and new experiences to fit without missing a beat.

Gemini is represented by the twins, Castor and Pollux, according to Greek mythology. According to legend, a wheel-born mortal, but Pollux was born an immortal God. You want to be together, always, Pollux, Castor decided to divide his immortality with the two brothers spent half their time on land and half their time in Olympus with other gods.

Gemini Tattoo Designs and Gemini Tattoo Meaning

Although men were Castor and Pollux, the twins, twins, sometimes as women. In anatomy, Gemini governs the respiratory system, nervous system, and the hands and arms. Colors with Gemini met and bright yellow and blue flowers associated with Gemini are lilacs, azaleas, lilies of the valley.

Belly Gemini Tattoo Idea

One twin was born to communicate. They tend to chat, entertainment and social interaction to love. However, the Gemini interactions often superficial, never tap into the emotional and personal areas. The twins are the social butterflies in a position of one group to another, without ringing the more complex or long term.

Gemini Tattoo Designs

The twins are the intellectuals who appreciate the sense of emotional reactions, so they are sometimes seen as cold and emotionless.

Gemini Tattoo on the Neck

One of the worst she, Gemini is considered manipulative and inconsistent, constantly changing and moving on to never commit or remain faithful. However, it is usually because the individual twins is very intelligent and quick-witted, if people are not challenging enough, and if the conversation is slow, the Gemini will lose the desire and go for something fascinating and the value of your attention to research.

Gemini Tattoo on the Legg

Twins tend to revolve around, both physically and figuratively, because they constantly feel the need to travel. Travel stimulates the twins individually, but that person is also likely to move for a while, even if they are there or if they are worth somewhere to stay. Intellectually, too, like the Gemini personality, all aspects of an idea to consider, often end up playing devil’s advocate for themselves or others.

Gemini Tattoo on the Back

If the Gemini lion is often the life of the party, soaking in the shadows and all entertaining. Gemini is usually a great storyteller, but often the accuracy of the name of entertainment. This can lead to problems in relationships, honesty is of utmost importance and is regarded as being decorative.

Gemini Tattoo on the Arm

Gemini tattoos, nothing to do with the word “Gemini”, Gemini twins symbol or. Even if the male twins, according to legend, are often portrayed as sisters intertwined. Maybe sex is based on the personality of the person who has always chosen tattoo. Or maybe it’s because, in Western astrology no longer the sign of Gemini the constellation Gemini, the natural movement of the universe and the progression of the equinox.

Gemini word Tattoo on Belly

Gemini Gemini tattoos give the individual, but this is not necessarily the person with the tattoo. Sometimes, zodiac tattoo designs will be used to represent a loved one, especially when the specific zodiac resembles their personality. Other times, maybe a tattoo constellation combining two different characters, like the two characters of a couple in a unique tattoo and uniform, which means to combine two different personalities in a position to have a cohesive unit that is to do.

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