Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

As I have posted before, among tattoo designs available, arm tattoo sleeves for women become popular these days. Some of girls are fan of full sleeve tattoo designs and the other are fan of half sleeve tattoo. If you like the second types of sleeve tattoos, bellow you can find some samples of half sleeve tattoo ideas for women.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

There are lots of ideas for half sleeve tattoo for girls, one of them might be your next tattoo. Those ideas can be Flower and/or Cherry Blossom. If you are fan of flowers, the cherry blossom can be your idea for your sleeve tattoo.

Cherry blossoms are from a large part of East Asia, especially Japan, where he has a special cultural significance and as Sakura. Their characteristics are considered a national icon pink flowers in Japan, one that arises not only in art, but in almost all forms of media.

It also could be Animal. Animal, like bird, koi fish and others might be look cool for sleeve tattoo.

Bellow is an example of half sleeve tattoo using owl as its idea.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women Owl Design

Besides these half sleeve tattoo ideas for women mentioned above there are still lots of great ideas or figure as you designs, like feather, geisha, angel, etc. Just pick one of them as your tattoo idea according to your passion.

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