Hawaiian Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

For most people, very excited about the idea of tattoo designs pictures of Hawaiian hula dancers, necklaces made of hibiscus flowers, and. These three symbols are associated with Hawaii and Hawaiian culture. They are popular tattoo designs. Women are attracted by the exotic beauty of the hibiscus.

For many it is with summer flowers and fun. Tattoos Hibiscus tropical air, feminine and delicate. They can make some colors, but they are often tattooed in pink, orange, yellow and red. This striking colors, warmth and heat of summer. You can also contrasts with the green leaves of the plant, sometimes found in the design of flower tattoo. Hibiscus flowers and plants is important in Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs - Flower Tattoo

The hibiscus flower is a delicate, easily damaged and destroyed. It has a short life span vulnerable. A tattoo is a way, the hibiscus flower in a more permanent way to enjoy. Native Hawaiian use of plant fibers to their traditional loincloth and plants to make the flowers are very valuable. The dancers are a fascinating part of traditional Hawaiian culture. The dances tell the stories of important people.

Belly Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo

Dancers were popular tattoos of sailors, because they represent the beauty and exoticism. Sailors were often attracted by the mysterious and fascinating inhabitants of the places they visited and had tattoos on their route to display.

Performance garlands of flowers, the guests will be offered. Although the full-Lei tattoos are not common, uses brightly colored flowers, vibrant festoons from making often integrated into tattoo designs. The dancers are usually flower necklaces, which are often marked just to cover her bare breasts.

Traditional Hawaiian Tattoos

But the tattoo has a much longer history in the Polynesian society that these symbols. Tattoos traditional Hawaiian style is similar to other countries through the designs are mostly geometric patterns made of black lines. The original Hawaiian tattoos were made with found objects such as bones or animal claws. These tattoos were usually symmetrical, and later evolved into animals and masks as faces represent. Birds, fish, lizards, turtles, flowers, and all were shown graphically. Some scholars believe that evolution is a direct result of contact with foreigners, but these models still considered a traditional and cultural value, so important for genealogical and historical society.

Hawaiian Polynesian Tattoo Designs

The traditional art of Hawaiian tattoo is known as cocoa and how the hula dances, stories and significance was woven into the patterns and designs. The modern incarnation of the Hawaiian kakua, small drawings or works of art very great. Those interested in tribal tattoos or those who accept their Hawaiian heritage in general interested in the following models. Hawaiian culture, traditions and customs of many indigenous peoples was by Westerners who insisted on their divided country. Many people still feel that “the mainland” the destruction of their island, their lifestyle and traditions of their ancestors. Currently there is an extensive cultural program of the movement in Hawaii to regain this lost tradition and embrace the local culture. The tattoo is a big part of this movement and traditional designs are quite popular.

Stylish Turtle Tattoos

In the Hawaiian culture, tattoos were used to monitor the status and importance, and other Polynesian islands to describe. Those who were under the power of the tribes, the most tattooed with their family. Although tattoos men can cover their bodies, his tattoos for women Harms, feet, ears and lips reserved. Today, however, women often get tattoos that were once reserved for men. Also, given the civil war and not of royal descent drawings of large and complex that it would not have been accepted in antiquity.

Hawaiian Tattoo

These two incidents show that if Hawaiians rediscover for themselves their own culture and pride in their history, but also to adapt to modern philosophy. This is, like all other cultures – whether they adapt and evolve, or they stagnate and outdated. Variations of rituals and traditional practices should not be regarded as a corruption of society, but as an evolution. This newly invented, but inspired by traditional tattoo designs still show love and pride in heritage, embracing Hawaiian culture and history.

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