Great Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Today, the koi fish tattoo designs are getting popular for men and even for women around the globe. The origin of this fish is from Japan. In Japan, koi fish tattoo designs are sometimes related to the Japanese mafia organization or well known as the Yakuza. This organization is still known today has more to fear.

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Since the Koi fish can actually connect more often in the West, some people believe that the direction of the Koi tattoos are characteristic of human sexuality, but sources differ in what direction maintains the interest and the belief is not widespread. It is something to consider, but as a koi tattoo.

Besides the samples above, there are also the other koi fish tattoo designs available on the net. You can browse the search engine, photo sharing sites, or even social media sites to get the ideas. Bellow are some samples of koi tattoo ideas which are consider to the best which I found so far.

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