Skeleton Key Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

Skeleton Key Tattoo Idea

There is always a unique design and also unique meaning on each tattoo. So does on skeleton key tattoo. It is a unique design and become quite popular idea for tattoo since it has various meanings and purposes to have it.

So, what is the meaning of the skeleton key tattoo? As we already know, the function of a key is to unlock a door. When used as a tattoo the meaning is quite the same that is to unlock. But, not to unlock a door. It is interpreted to unlock the luckiness.

So, someone who uses a skeleton key tattoo wish to unlock luckiness or want to get lucky on their life. Continue reading

Quality of Tattoo Items

Tattoo Supplies

Having the right tattoo supplies as a professional tattoo artist is essential. Getting the right tattoo kit offers the tools and equipments you will want to make the form of design your clients desire.

The prices for the tattoo supplies differ according to who has manufactured them and their quality. You need to be careful not to go for the lowest priced tattoo items and equipments available since in that way may mean compromising for the quality of the items. Continue reading

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

As I have posted before, among tattoo designs available, arm tattoo sleeves for women become popular these days. Some of girls are fan of full sleeve tattoo designs and the other are fan of half sleeve tattoo. If you like the second types of sleeve tattoos, bellow you can find some samples of half sleeve tattoo ideas for women. Continue reading

Great Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Today, the koi fish tattoo designs are getting popular for men and even for women around the globe. The origin of this fish is from Japan. In Japan, koi fish tattoo designs are sometimes related to the Japanese mafia organization or well known as the Yakuza. This organization is still known today has more to fear. Continue reading

10 Awesome Arm Tattoo Sleeves for Women

Tattoo Sleeves for Women

There are a large number of women who are fans of tattoos. Instead of expressing their feeling or believe, tattoos can be an things to do for some women. Among tattoo designs available, arm tattoo sleeves for women become popular these days. Most of them use girly styles as the tattoo designs, like flowers, animal, stars, etc. Continue reading