Hawaiian Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning

Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo Belly

For most people, very excited about the idea of tattoo designs pictures of Hawaiian hula dancers, necklaces made of hibiscus flowers, and. These three symbols are associated with Hawaii and Hawaiian culture. They are popular tattoo designs. Women are attracted by the exotic beauty of the hibiscus.

For many it is with summer flowers and fun. Tattoos Hibiscus tropical air, feminine and delicate. They can make some colors, but they are often tattooed in pink, orange, yellow and red. This striking colors, warmth and heat of summer. You can also contrasts with the green leaves of the plant, sometimes found in the design of flower tattoo. Hibiscus flowers and plants is important in Hawaiian culture. Continue reading

Gun Tattoo Designs and the Meaning

Gun Tattoo Designs and Meaning

You do not have a passionate amateur, sports a tattoo on his arm. Tattoo designs have moved a gun as a rebel, a wild individual. They are used with a very detailed way, even if they are in art in a playful way. Only a few items carry the cultural weight that weapons do.

For many people, guns are the personal freedom, the opportunity for people to the dangers of the world. The end result is a design attitude, a message to those individuals a degree of nervousness in fashion. Many types of weapons to the tattoo artist of almost infinite possibilities. Continue reading

Greek Tattoo Ideas, Designs and the Meaning

Greek Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Greek tattoos can give inspiration to a number of other ideas. The first is to represent tattoos, Greek life, such corpora. Tattoos may differ from the Greek letter called self-organization, such as the Delta Epsilon Chi Delta or Beta, or they may be the organization’s mascot, emblem or motto.

Tattoo designs of course Greek life will appeal to most members of this fraternity. College is a popular time to get a tattoo, so it is logical that they are involved in Greek life can choose a symbol to represent their company. In students who are older than 18, greater independence to enjoy for the first time, and grow as individuals. The three factors that contribute to the desire to get a tattoo, it is a way to display all three functions at once. Continue reading

Good And Evil Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Good And Evil Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Good and evil tattoo designs used to create a dichotomy between the images for a deeper, unified direction to create. In most tattoos are good / bad, is given in favor or displayed, so the triumph of the stronger of the two. The two images are generally very similar to two cats or two supernatural humanoids.

The effect of the overall design, the combination of a symbol of good and a symbol of equality of evil is that both exist in the world. In a sense it can not be good without the bad side of life counterparts because there is no reference to “cool” to be, without first knowing “hot”. Continue reading

Gemini Tattoo Designs with the Meaning

Gemini Tattoo Designs

Gemini are between May 21 and 20 born in June, after the tropical zodiac. Gemini is represented by a symbol, is one of the three elements of air (with Libra and Aquarius), males, and ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini is a mutable, evolving and adapting, and therefore one of the twins characters personalities capable of changing situations and new experiences to fit without missing a beat.

Gemini is represented by the twins, Castor and Pollux, according to Greek mythology. According to legend, a wheel-born mortal, but Pollux was born an immortal God. You want to be together, always, Pollux, Castor decided to divide his immortality with the two brothers spent half their time on land and half their time in Olympus with other gods. Continue reading