Feather Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Henna Feather Tattoo Shoulder

Feather tattoo has a number of other religious meanings in the possession of different types and tradition, as discussed later. While seemingly simple, deep layers of meaning as an artistic image. Generally, they represent a connection to our human life and existence of the heavenly gods and goddesses. She also stood for peace and immortality. Inhabited by the gods – Birds (see tattoo designs of birds) are often seen as the intermediary between the worlds of country and the world above the sky. Continue reading

Fairy Tattoo Designs with the Meaning

Fairy Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Fairies (fairies) are used by many names like Fay (FAE), sprites, elves, gnomes, plain folk, wee folk, and brownies with known a few. According to legend, they are magical creatures that will be incredibly useful or incredibly destructive. Generally, the fairies look like humans, but often as an incredibly small, winged described, noting, “ELF” ears, fangs, the demon of the piece, or dead.

Traditionally, most of the stories and fairy tales, first to themselves and to protect family and property to focus on their influence. Continue reading

Elephant Tattoo Designs and Elephant Tattoo Meaning

Elephant Ball Tattoo Designs and Elephant Ball Tattoo Meaning

Elephants are one of the most fascinating species on the planet. Like humans, they are intelligent, long life, social and extremely flexible. They thrive in climates as diverse as the savannah and the jungle. And they have a long history of interaction with humanity, of our first day in Africa to the battles of Alexander the Great to the Indian countryside.

Anything as big, powerful and intelligent as an elephant is tied to a large part of symbolic value to accumulate, especially considering the use of elephants as the original tank. The most obvious symbolic significance of the elephant is power. Continue reading

Eight Ball Tattoo Designs and Eight Ball Tattoo Meaning

Eight Ball Tattoo Designs and Eight Ball Tattoo Meaning

The eight ball is the last bullet in most games of pool or billiards. There is a black sphere with a white circle, and the circle is an eight black. During a routine play in the usual way, the player who drops, or pockets the eight ball before it is lost, the game automatically. For this reason, it is a very strategic. The positioning of the ball, so that other players must try to get the ball to score eight is an advantage. Continue reading