Skeleton Key Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

There is always a unique design and also unique meaning on each tattoo. So does on skeleton key tattoo. It is a unique design and become quite popular idea for tattoo since it has various meanings and purposes to have it.

So, what is the meaning of the skeleton key tattoo? As we already know, the function of a key is to unlock a door. When used as a tattoo the meaning is quite the same that is to unlock. But, not to unlock a door. It is interpreted to unlock the luckiness.

So, someone who uses a skeleton key tattoo wish to unlock luckiness or want to get lucky on their life.

Skeleton Key Tattoo Idea

Beside to unlock the door, the key is also used to lock the door. When used as a tattoo, this may have different meaning. People who use skeleton key tattoo (especially a tattoo which has lock on the deisgn) want to lock something in their life to prevent other people discover it. It can be a secret or feeling.

It also might use to express that they have locked their heart, especially for a tattoo that has skeleton key and heart as its design. So there is no way for someone else to get their heart or love since they already found someone who accompany them.

Ideas for Skeleton Key Tattoo

Want to have a skeleton key tattoo? The following pics might help you to get an idea on different places on the body. Click on each image to view it on full size.

Half Sleeve Skeleton Key Tattoo

Skeleton Key Tattoo Idea

Skeleton Key Tattoo on the Back

Skeleton Key Tattoo on the Belly

Beside the above ideas, there are also other ideas for a skeleton key tattoo available out there. But, the most important thing is you have discovered the meaning of the skeleton key tattoo so you can express your feeling with this tattoo idea.

This tattoo has a very deep and personal meaning. So, choose a design that nearly perfect for your feeling.

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