Disney Movies Characters Tattos Designs and Ideas

I think no matter what our age, many have grown with the movies animated Walt Disney, Who founded the cartoon industry in 1923, creating a distinct and unique characters, winning the hearts of all children and even adults around the world.

If you want to keep alive the innocence and affection for your characters, then the best you can do is to realize a tattoo them. With technology today and the great art of the artists, maybe you can get the exact outline of what you saw in those days.

Disney Movies Character Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Perhaps many think that the popular cartoon of Mickey Mouse and Minnie are for children, but the truth is that many people have tattoos these recognized characters, so funny how he always Goofy Pluto and his faithful companion, besides the renowned Donald Duck, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Bambi and Cinderella.

Mickey and Mini Mouse Tattoo Ideas

But we can not stop talking about something more current characters, and perhaps most young people today grew up with Peter Pan, Nemo, Lion King and other films that will become an art when you are tattooed on our skin.

Nemo Tattoo Ideas Design

Nor should we forget the face of the person who gave life to all those characters, nothing more and nothing less than Walt Disney, is that some people take their fanaticism to a level high and bad tattoo the face of this renowned character . If you are someone who loves Disney, we suggest you make one of these Tattoos, Will be so beautiful that you will not regret.

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